FNHacker scam?: The truth about FNHacker.net and FNHacker.info

Some things are what they appear, some are not. In the case of some popular sites, appearances can be deceiving. Sometimes you need to look beyond comments on social media and fancy graphics.

FNHacker and the promise of free V-Bucks

Site such as fnhacker.net and fnhacker.info promise that you can get free V-Bucks with their generators. The truth is that these generators don’t exist for Fortnite and never will. Nothing in Fortnite can be “generated”. Fortnite is a closed system.

Does this mean no free V-Bucks?

The answer is, yes…mostly. Some companies claim to have bots to farm resources, others have reward systems. Non have a truly free source of V-Bucks. There is only one way to get completely free V-Bucks.

You have to know the right people

The only type of software that works with Fortnite and can get you free V-Bucks is called a debug. Debugs are a step above generators and simple hacks. They are based on code built into the game that developers use to test the game for errors. When the debug is linked to your username it changes the amount of V-Bucks in your game data and that’s it. No generating, or glitches, or fancy graphics. No risk of ban, no jailbreaking, none of that.

Can I find a debug?

Some sites claim to have working debugs but only a few are currently working at any given time. If there is a link at the bottom of this page it will take you to a working debug, if there is no link it means that there is currently no active debug found.

Last words

If you are going to try something, try something that works. Fortnite is a very hard game to cheat. A lot of people searching for FNHacker, fnhacker.net, and fnhacker.info usually end up disappointed.

Debugs currently online:

  • Server 1: Offline
  • Server 2: Offline
  • Server 3: Online
  • Server 4: Offline